Corporate Integrity

In accordance with the duties and scope of each departments, the Company has formulated and revised the Company's Code of Business Ethics, and has organizing propaganda, education and training related to business ethics to ensure the implementation of the Code. A summary of the results of the promotion is described below:

♦ The Company has established the "Code of Business Ethics" and "Procedures and Conduct Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices" to prohibit dishonest behavior, prevent conflicts of interest and avoid personal gain, and require all relevant units to implement them. In addition, the "Regulations for Board Meetings" also provides for the recusal of directors' interests.

♦ The Company's Compensation Committee (the "Committee") consists of 3 members and holds at least two regular meetings a year. The members are appointed by the resolution of the Board of Directors, and consist of 1 director and 2 external experts who meet professional qualifications and independence. One of the 2 external experts is recommended to serve as the convener. The convener externally represents the Committee. The term of office of the Committee members is the same as the term of the appointed Board of Directors.

♦ At least once a year, the Company shall provide education and training to directors, managers and employees on the "Procedures for Handling Internal Material Information" and related laws and regulations. New directors, managers and employees should be provided with timely education within 2 months after their arrival. During this year, educational presentations were made to current directors, managers and employees on Oct 08, 2020 and Sep 11, 2020, respectively. The training covers the scope of internal material information, confidential work, information disclosure and handling of violations, and the training PowerPoint file is sent to all directors, managers and employees for reference.

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