♦ The company M3Tek was founded, with Chinese name 邁鑫科技(股)公司.


♦ The company's Chinese name was changed to 來頡科技股份有限公司.
♦ Estiablish M3T Xi-An subsidiary in China.
♦ Obtained ISO9001 certification
♦ Released of high-efficiency low-voltage synchronous boost converter
♦ 1.5 MHZ single-cell Li-battery switchable charging IC for USB port and 1.6 A Li-battery charging IC for AC adapters


♦ ITE Tech. Inc. joined the compnay as a  board of director.
♦ Merged  the Power Team of ITE Tech. In.
♦ Released the lowest standby power consumption of 1uA LDO
♦ Released compact QFN2x2 package 3.5A low-voltage synchronous COT architecture  step-down converter


♦ Established M3T Dallas subsidiary in the United States.
♦ Released high-power integrated power crystal 20A synchronous boost converter
♦ Released Flip Chip small package SOT23 high output power 3.5A high voltage synchronous step-down converter
♦ Released ultra-high output current 12A highly integrated COT architecture low-voltage synchronous step-down converter
♦ Released the 42V Voltage-resistant in-vehicle synchronous  step-down converter with integrated dual current limit and line compensation


♦ Released the first small package SOT563 highly integrated low voltage synchronous  step-down converter
♦ Released an ultra-high-precision 1% feedback voltage low-voltage synchronous  step-down converter
♦ Released the industry's first ultra-small and highly integrated bidirectional current-limiting voltage 20 V/6A load switch
♦ Released a multi-LDO output integrated load switch miniaturized PMIC
♦ Released a high voltage 28V input, high current 6A output synchronous  step-down 100% Duty  step-down converter
♦ Released an ultra-small package 1.6*1.2, high current 4A load switch protection IC
♦ Released a highly integrated synchronous boost 20A converter


♦ Released 28V high voltage  4A small package over-voltage over-current protection load switch IC
♦ Released highly integrated Type C over-voltage protection IC with integrated TVS protection components
♦ Released low voltage 4A small package DFN1.2*1.6 protection switch IC
♦ Released a highly integrated  step-down-boost converter and controller
♦ Released low voltage and high output current 6A small package DFN2*3 synchronous  step-down converter
♦ The company applied for a public offering and prepares for a listing plan.


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