EE times Asia News-Power Backup Solution with Supercapacitor

Power Backup Solution with Supercapacitor Article By: Amin Hu, Bo Yang Ph.D., and Nuo Lou, M3 Technology Inc. (M3Tek) Amid the increasing adoption of mobile, IoT and smart devices, ensuring data integrity and safety at...




EE times Asia News-Design of PCM-COT Buck-boost Converter with Dynamic Adjustable Output-Voltage

Design of PCM-COT Buck-boost Converter with Dynamic Adjustable Output-Voltage Article By: Sam Hu, Bo Yang Ph.D., and Yang Yang, M3 Technology Inc. (M3Tek) To achieve best performance while keeping power consumption l...




MT7538 USB Type-C Port Protector

MT7538 is a general-purpose USB Type-C interface overvoltage protection IC, which can quickly protect the CC/SBU terminal from the possible damage caused by the 3.3V~21V PD transmission voltage that may be in contact wit...




MTM003 5V Input 1.5A Synchronous Step-Down Converter Module

The MTM003 is a complete 1.5A, DC/DC synchronous step-down convertor module with built-in switching regulator, output capacitor and Inductor for small dimension application. The MTM003 uses constant-ontime (COT) control ...




MT3905 High input 4A buck converter with 100% duty

The MT3905 is a fully integrated high efficiency synchronous step-down converter with 100% Duty cycle 4A continuous output current over a wide input range. The MT3905 employs proprietary Constant On-Time (COT) control sc...




MT7232 28V 6A Bidirectional Load Switch with Dual Port Independent Current Limit Setting

The MT7232 is an advanced 28V 6A rated bidirectional load switch which provides overload, short circuit, input voltage surge, excessive inrush current and over-temperature protections to power the system. The built-in 24...

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