M3 Technology Receives EE Awards for Simplifying Supercapacitor Designs



M3 Technology has received the Most Promising Product award at EE Awards Asia 2022 for its MT2600.

EEtimes Asia news 

With fast technical advancement, supercapacitor manufacturers are making significant improvement on cost, energy density, power density and leakage current constantly. Supercapacitor shows advantages for applications with harsh operating environment, high backup power, long cycle life and long standby time. It can operate with wide temperature range from -40 to 85C.
The MT2600 is a complete power solution for system with backup storage capacitor or capacitor bank. It integrated input over voltage; over current protection circuit; a reverse blocking switch and super capacitor charging control circuit. It also has built-in cell balance to provide protection over two cell super capacitor system.
When the main supply is present and above the minimum system supply voltage, system will draw power from input supply. At the same time, integrated linear charger charges the storage element at up to 300mA current. Once the storage element is charged, the circuit draws only 2.5μA of current while it maintains the super capacitor or other storage element in its ready state. When the main supply is removed, the integrated reverse blocking switch will block current flow from system rail to input. Linear charger switch will be turned on to provide power to system rail with low resistance path with up to 2A current.
Integrated cell balancing circuit will keep monitoring the cell voltage when charging and keep the two cells voltage at same level. The MT2600 is externally programmable for input current limit, input over voltage, charge current limit, charge voltage limit. It provides a flag signal when input supply is unplugged. MT2600 simplifies the charger and discharger design with extensive protection to making super capacitor a simple,reliable and robust choice compared to Li-ion batteries. 

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