CSR Policies

The board of directors ratified the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles in September 2020 as the guiding principle for the long-term promotion of CSR. These principles are founded on the fundamental spirit and core values of the enterprise with an emphasis on perfect governance and a focus on stakeholders and full and accurate disclosure. The core technologies and services of the industry represent the strategic orientation with concrete practices in the fields of environmental protection and social welfare.

M3TEK Corporate Social Responsibility Principles

Article 1
To fulfill M3Tek's corporate social responsibility initiatives and promote economic, environmental, and social progress, to achieve the goal of sustainable development, this CSR Principles is formulated in accordance with the "Best Practice Principles for Corporate Social Responsibility of TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies" for management and all employees to follow. 

Article 2
The scope of application of these principles includes the overall operating activities of M3Tek Corp. and Group's companies. While M3Tek is engaged in operating activities, it should actively implement corporate social responsibility to comply with international development trends, and through acting as responsible corporate citizens, enhance its contribution to the country's economy, improve the quality of life of employees, communities, and society, and enhance competitive edges based on corporate social responsibility.

Article 3
M3Tek should pay attention to the rights and interests of stakeholders in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. While pursuing sustainable operation and profitability, it should also incorporate environmental protection, social engagement, and corporate governance into the company's management policies and operating activities.

Article 4
To implement corporate social responsibility initiatives, M3Tek follows the principles below:

  1. Implement corporate governance.
  2. Develop a sustainable environment.
  3. Maintain social welfare.
  4. Strengthen the disclosure of corporate social responsibility information.

Article 5
M3Tek should consider the relevant development trends of corporate social responsibility for domestic and foreign as well as the core business of the company for the company itself and the group, also consider the impact of the company's overall operating activities on the stakeholders, etc., and formulate corporate social responsibility policies, related management and promotion plans for the board of directors approval.
When a shareholder proposes a proposal involving corporate social responsibility, the board of directors of the company may put it on the board meeting agenda.

Article 6
M3Tek follows the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles and Code of Ethics Conduct for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies to establish an effective governance structure and related ethical standards to improve corporate governance.

Article 7
The Board of directors of M3Tek should perform the duty of care of good administrators to urge the company to perform corporate social responsibility, and review its implementation effectiveness and continuous improvement to ensure the implementation of corporate social responsibility policies.
The board of directors of the company shall fully consider the interests of stakeholders and include the following items when performing corporate social responsibilities:

  1. Propose the company's corporate social responsibility mission or vision, and formulate corporate social responsibility policies.
  2. Incorporate corporate social responsibility into the company's operating activities and development direction, and approve the company's concrete promotion plan for corporate social responsibility.
  3. Ensure the real-time and correctness of the company's corporate social responsibility-related information disclosure.

The company's economic, environmental, and social issues arising from operating activities should be handled by the senior management authorized by the board of directors and report the handling situation to the board of directors, and its operation handling process and all relevant responsible personnel should be specific and clear.

Article 8
M3Tek shall organize education and training for fulfilling corporate social responsibilities as necessary, including publicizing the second item of the preceding article.

Article 9
M3Tek shall establish an exclusively (or concurrently) dedicated unit to be in charge of proposing and enforcing the corporate social responsibility policies, systems, relevant management guidelines, and concrete promotional plans and to report on the same to the board of directors on a periodic basis. 
The company shall formulate a reasonable remuneration policy, to ensure that remuneration arrangements support the strategic aims of the organization, and align with the interests of stakeholders.
The employee performance evaluation system be combined with corporate social responsibility policies, and a clear and effective incentive and discipline system be established.

Article 10
M3Tek shall, based on respect for the rights and interests of stakeholders, identify stakeholders of the company, and establish a designated section for stakeholders on the company website; understand the reasonable expectations and demands of stakeholders through proper communication with them, and adequately respond to the important corporate social responsibility issues which they are concerned about.

Article 11
M3Tek shall follow relevant environmental laws, regulations, and international standards to properly protect the environment and shall endeavor to promote a sustainable environment when engaging in business operations and internal management.

Article 12
M3Tek shall endeavor to utilize all resources more efficiently and use renewable materials which have a minimal impact on the environment to improve the sustainability of natural resources.

Article 13
M3Tek shall establish proper environmental management systems based on the characteristics of their industries. Such systems shall include the following tasks:

  1. Collect sufficient and up-to-date information to evaluate the impact of the company's business operations on the natural environment.
  2. Establishing measurable goals for environmental sustainability, and examining whether the development of such goals should be maintained and whether it is still relevant regularly.
  3. Adopting enforcement measures such as concrete plans or action plans, and examining the results of their operation regularly.


Article 14
M3Tek shall establish a dedicated unit or assign dedicated personnel for drafting, promoting, and maintaining relevant environment management systems and concrete action plans, and should hold environment education courses for their managerial officers and other employees periodically.

Article 15
M3Tek shall take into account the effect of business operations on ecological efficiency, promote and advocate the concept of sustainable consumption, and conduct research and development, procurement, production, operations, and services by the following principles to reduce the impact on the natural environment and human beings from their business operations:

  1. Reduce resource and energy consumption of their products and services.
  2. Reduce emission of pollutants, toxins, and waste, and dispose of waste properly.
  3. Improve recyclability and reusability of raw materials or products.
  4. Maximize the sustainability of renewable resources.
  5. Enhance the durability of products.
  6. Improve the efficiency of products and services.

Article 16
M3Tek shall properly and sustainably use water resources and establish relevant management measures.

Article 17
M3Tek shall assess the current and future potential risks and opportunities that climate change may present to enterprises and adopt climate-related measures.
The company adopts standards or guidelines generally used in Taiwan and abroad to enforce corporate greenhouse gas inventory and to make disclosures thereof, the scope of which shall include the following:

  1. Direct greenhouse gas emissions: emissions from operations that are owned or controlled by the company.
  2. Indirect greenhouse gas emissions: emissions resulting from the generation of externally purchased or acquired electricity, heating, or steam.

The Company shall compile statistics on greenhouse gas emissions, the volume of water consumption, and the total weight of waste and establish policies for energy conservation, carbon and greenhouse gas reduction, reduction of water consumption, or management of other wastes. The companies' carbon reduction strategies should include obtaining carbon credits and being promoted accordingly to minimize the impact of their business operations on climate change.

Article 18
M3Tek shall comply with relevant laws and regulations, and the International Bill of Human Rights, with respect to rights such as gender equality, the right to work, and prohibition of discrimination.
The company, to fulfill its responsibility to protect human rights, shall adopt relevant management policies and processes, including:

  1. Presenting a corporate policy or statement on human rights.
  2. Evaluating the impact of the company's business operations and internal management on human rights, and adopting corresponding handling processes.
  3. Reviewing on a regular basis the effectiveness of the corporate policy or statement on human rights.

The company shall comply with the internationally recognized human rights of labor, including the freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, caring for vulnerable groups, prohibiting the use of child labor, eliminating all forms of forced labor, eliminating recruitment and employment discrimination, and shall ensure that their human resource policies do not contain differential treatments based on gender, race, socioeconomic status, age, or marital and family status, to achieve equality and fairness in employment, hiring conditions, remuneration, benefits, training, evaluation, and promotion opportunities.
The company shall provide an effective and appropriate grievance mechanism with respect to matters adversely impacting the rights and interests of the labor force, in order to ensure equality and transparency of the grievance process. Channels through which a grievance may be raised shall be clear, convenient, and unobstructed. A company shall respond to any employee's grievance in an appropriate manner.

Article 19
M3Tek shall provide information for their employees so that the employees have knowledge of the labor laws and the rights they enjoy in the countries where the companies have business operations.

Article 20
M3Tek shall provide safe and healthful work environments for their employees, including necessary health and first-aid facilities, and shall endeavor to curb dangers to employees' safety and health and prevent occupational accidents.
The company shall organize training on safety and health for their employees on a regular basis.

Article 21
M3Tek shall create an environment conducive to the development of their employees' careers and establish effective training programs to foster career skills.
The company shall establish and implement reasonable employee welfare measures (including remuneration, leave and other welfare, etc.) and appropriately reflect the business performance or achievements in the employee remuneration, to ensure the recruitment, retention, and motivation of human resources, and achieve the objective of sustainable operations.

Article 22
M3Tek shall establish a platform to facilitate regular two-way communication between the management and the employees for the employees to obtain relevant information on and express their opinions on the company's operations, management, and decisions.
The Company shall respect the employee representatives' rights to bargain for the working conditions, and shall provide the employees with necessary information and hardware equipment, in order to improve the negotiation and cooperation among employers, employees, and employee representatives.
The Company shall, by reasonable means, inform employees of operation changes that might have material impacts.

Article 23
M3Tek shall treat customers or consumers of its products or services in a fair and reasonable manner, including according to the following principles: fairness and good faith in contracting, the duty of care and fiduciary duty, truthfulness in advertising and soliciting, the fitness of products or services, notification and disclosure, commensuration between compensation and performance, protection of the right to complain, professionalism of salespersons, etc. Said company shall also develop the relevant strategies and specific measures for implementation.

Article 24
M3Tek shall ensure the quality of its products and services by following the laws and regulations of the government and the relevant standards of their industries.
The Company shall follow relevant laws, regulations, and international guidelines in regard to customer health and safety and customer privacy involved in, and marketing and labeling of, their products and services and shall not deceive, mislead, commit fraud or engage in any other acts which would betray consumers' trust or damage consumers' rights or interests.

Article 25
M3Tek shall ensure the quality of service in accordance with government regulations and relevant industry regulations.
The company's marketing and labeling of services shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and international standards, and shall not be deceptive, misleading, fraudulent or any other acts that undermine customer trust and damage customer rights.

Article 26
M3Tek shall evaluate and manage all types of risks that could cause interruptions in operations, so as to reduce the impact on consumers and society.
The Company shall provide a clear and effective procedure for accepting consumer complaints to fairly and timely handle consumer complaints, shall comply with laws and regulations related to the Personal Information Protection Act for respecting consumers' rights to privacy, and shall protect personal data provided by consumers.

Article 27
M3Tek shall assess the impact their procurement has on society as well as the environment of the community that they are procuring from, and shall cooperate with their suppliers to jointly implement the corporate social responsibility initiative.
The Company shall establish supplier management policies and request suppliers to comply with rules governing issues such as environmental protection, occupational safety, and health or labor rights. Prior to engaging in commercial dealings, the company assesses whether there is any record of a supplier's impact on the environment and society, and avoids conducting transactions with those against corporate social responsibility policy.
When the company enters into a contract with any of its major suppliers, the content should include terms stipulating mutual compliance with corporate social responsibility policy, and that the contract may be terminated or rescinded at any time if the supplier has violated such policy and has caused a significant negative impact on the environment and society of the community of the supply source.

Article 28
M3Tek shall evaluate the impact of its business operations on the community, and adequately employ personnel from the location of the business operations, to enhance community acceptance.
Through equity investment, commercial activities, endowments, volunteering service or other charitable professional services, etc., dedicate resources to organizations that commercially resolve social or environmental issues, participate in events held by citizen organizations, charities, and local government agencies relating to community development and community education to promote community development.

Article 29
M3Tek shall disclose information according to relevant laws, regulations, and the Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for the Company and shall fully disclose relevant and reliable information relating to their corporate social responsibility initiatives to improve information transparency.
Relevant information relating to corporate social responsibility that the Company shall disclose includes:

  1. The policy, systems or relevant management guidelines, and concrete promotion plans for corporate social responsibility initiatives, as resolved by the board of directors.
  2. The risks and the impact on the corporate operations and financial condition arising from exercising corporate governance, fostering a sustainable environment, and preserving social public welfare.
  3. Goals and measures for realizing the corporate social responsibility initiatives established by the companies, and performance in implementation.
  4. Major stakeholders and their concerns.
  5. Disclosure of information on major suppliers' management and performance with respect to major environmental and social issues.
  6. Other information relating to corporate social responsibility initiatives.

M3Tek shall adopt internationally widely recognized standards or guidelines when producing corporate social responsibility reports, to disclose the status of their implementation of the corporate social responsibility policy. It also is advisable to obtain a third-party assurance or verification for reports to enhance the reliability of the information in the reports. The reports are advised to include:

  1. The policy, system, or relevant management guidelines and concrete promotion plans for implementing corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  2. Major stakeholders and their concerns.
  3. Results and a review of the exercising of corporate governance, fostering of a sustainable environment, preservation of public welfare, and promotion of economic development.
  4. Future improvements and goals.

Article 31
M3Tek should at all times monitor the development of domestic and foreign corporate social responsibility standards and the change in the business environment to examine and improve their established corporate social responsibility framework and to obtain better results from the implementation of the corporate social responsibility policy.

Article 32
These Principles shall be implemented after the approval of the board of directors, and the same shall apply when revised.




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